The Spider and The Fly

With silken words he wooed her
Wrapping her within his gossamer strands of compliments
Teasing her with promises of a golden future
His breath warm and tantalizing against her ear.
Her ruby lips curved in a shy yet seductive arc
Her body turned and tilted toward him
Glimpses of fleshly assurances teased at with thin lace wrappings
Her tentative touch a silent welcome

A dark and intimate hallway secure from prying eyes
Urgency presiding over time, filled with wanton need
A grasp, a sigh, a lick, a touch
Bodies pressed and writhing, moving, melding
He thinks only of his conquest
She thinks only of her craving
His penultimate moment a hollow crescendo as she reaches her own
Absorbing his flesh with hers, consuming the tissues and bones

A sigh of complete fulfillment and mild overindulgence
An adjustment of limbs and lace
Disposing of what was his but is no more
Slipping away without a second glance
Unnoticed by throngs of hungry eyes engaged in rituals of their own
A shy and tentative smile crosses the façade of a human guise
Long languid strides convey her down a boulevard filled with endless possibilities
Hunger abated . . . for now

Spider Web

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