Calling out for your input! Serious request!

Ok, everybody, I’ve got a serious question – it’s for research. Please either answer here or private message me.

My question: If you could experience a time in your life where you feel you were at a crossroads and either made the wrong decision or wonder what the outcome would have been by making the other decision, what would that decision/experience be?

For instance: You had the opportunity to go on a date with someone that for whatever reason you didn’t go but have always wondered what might have happened. OR The job you didn’t take (or did) and things didn’t turn out like you’d hoped. Maybe you wished you had gone to prom.  Maybe you think if you hadn’t done one thing in whatever situation then someone else might not have been hurt/promoted above you/whatever. That sort of thing. Whatever it might be, if you think it’s silly or not, I’m interested in everyone’s honest thought, idea, or choice on this subject.  I would also appreciate it if you could let me know if you are male or female – important for the research.

The opportunity to experience the “road not chosen” would not in any way affect your current life when you “awoke” from said experience – no butterfly effect – it’s just a way of seeing what might have been. I would very much like to know everyone’s choices. You do not have to be descriptive or go into heavy detail – just the what and why of it would be greatly appreciated and extremely helpful.