Wanna Freebie?

If you would like a free short story or flash fiction, please fill out my contact form below to be added to my mailing list. I promise that I won’t overload you with a lot of useless stuff – for now, just the free story. Feel free to tell me in the comments section how much or how little information you want to receive.  Also, if you have a particular fear that you would like me to write a story about, tell me that, too.  For example, a friend of mine told me how he had always had a fear of being alone, so now his story is in my Macabre Menagerie book entitled, “The Sound of Nothing.”


4 thoughts on “Wanna Freebie?

  1. okay my first must not have gone through as I forgot to put in my name.I will take as much as you want to send. I am deathly afraid of beetles due to a terrible and terrifying experience as a child and as an infant.


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