Another Quote From “The Association” (Cassie and Zeb)

“You sir,” I said, doing my best to sound serious, but failing in grand fashion, “are damaging my calm.”

I was giving it my best, but a harsh and serious face is apparently beyond me.

“Only damaging?” Zeb replied with his lop-sided grin.  “I had hoped to utterly destroy it.”

He slid the back side of his fingers down my cheek and moved in closer until I could feel his breath against my lips.  Only then did I realize that I had already closed my eyes and turned my face up towards his.

An excerpt from “The Association”

“You with your meager power do not concern us. We who have lived forever will consume you and take your power as our own.”

Even as the moving shadow held me flat against the floor, forcing me to listen to that nasty voice that was like a hundred hungry creatures all saying the same thing at once, I concentrated as hard as I could on that flame inside me. If these things were going to eat me, then I would make sure they had some serious indigestion.

(More to Come . . .)

{From “The Association” – Book Three of the New Sight Series}